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Health and Wellness gets deep Part 1…..

"It is very often that when we think Health and Wellness we immediately think “I need to start working out and eating healthy”. However there are plenty of resources. Fitness ads, magazines, social media that portray the ideal "health and wellness image" promoting a detox or popular cleanse. Activity and eating well are significant elements to health and wellness but they are not the core values. Mind, body and spirit are also key components to health and welness. The power of the mind, body and spirit are curcial to the advancement of your health and wellness.

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All About the Booty…..

Hello Lovelies! Now we are going to get Prety Fit! This week we will be focusing on the curves we love to strut the butt! So we will be emphasizing on the exercises that help lift and sculpt thos lovely lumps into perfection. Now of course we all know that when exercising you have to treat your body right with beneficial nourishment.


Detox Me Baby!

Hello Lovelies! I hope that you're excited as I am to begin your Pretty Fit journey with me! So I had such a long week and feel so sluggish after all that terrible food choices I have made. So I was thinking what is the easiest way to start off my week cleansed and refreshed? So I have decided I will prepare detox waters for my next week. Now detox waters are great ways to keep your energy going and body feeling happy. Your body will feel refreshed, hydrated and ready to go!